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Staff Welfare

Staff Welfare

Here at KGB we think about things a little differently.  We know we can get the job done to an exemplary standard, we know that our costs are affordable and we know that our client relationships are second to none. We’re also passionate about our staff.  We believe that in looking after our staff, our staff will look after you.

On a structural level, we believe that supporting our staff on the ground is of paramount importance. For all of our clients, we think it’s important to make our managerial team accessible and approachable for our cleaning staff. By providing managerial support,  we can ensure a well structured, well motivated team to provide you with the best possible service.

As a company, KGB always pay the national living wage. This is extended further for some clients in London, for whom we have raised this to the London living wage.

Above & Beyond

Not only do we prioritise paying our staff fairly, but we believe that quality of life extends beyond the financial.  For many of our site staff, for whom English is not their first language, we have provided the opportunity for them to take English classes to help our staff realise their full potential in life and work in the UK. By providing these classes for free, we believe that we are supporting full integration into an already wonderfully diverse community of staff.

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