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Specialist Cleaning

Specialist Cleaning

Decontamination Cleaning has increased due to the emergence of Coronavirus (COVID-19) and we are pleased that we have the experience, knowledge and capability to undertake all types of deep cleaning where specialist cleaning is required. Whatever the problem, we’ve got you covered. We think it is important that our staff are trained to provide the best service possible, whatever the job.

That is how we provide an extensive range of specialist & decontamination cleaning services across schools, offices, museums, galleries and factories to name but a few.

But we don’t stop there. We are also experienced in the removal of graffiti, marble renovation and metal often found in historic buildings and Palaces. Here at KGB, we understand that cleaning isn’t a one-size-fits-all pursuit, and to be able to provide the best service possible, our teams need the most recent, most comprehensive training to keep us at the top of our game.

Our teams undergo extensive training in specialist cleaning processes, products, Health and Safety and industry regulations and legislation to equip them to work within areas that may be hazardous. In such environments, we complete a full review of the work to be done and, where required, occasionally seek expert advice to ensure that we are to undertake such work.

We understand that such specialist cleaning work may sometimes impact on your working day. Therefore, if you require any expert cleaning advice or information, contact KGB who will respond to any request. We are also happy to attend any site where you may have any concerns regarding COVID-19 and undertaking a specialist Risk Assessment and Decontamination Clean.


As a provider of first class cleaning & support services to the public, local, central, education and commercial sectors, KGB are well positioned to offer a unique well balanced, cost effective solution to your business needs. With a string of high profile clients KGB have the experience and management to provide you with a tailored service you are looking for at the the price which helps you deliver cost savings in these difficult times.

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