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Leisure & Culture

Leisure & Culture Sector

When dealing with public facing spaces, we understand that our job runs across 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We know you’re busy, but we can keep up. We’ve got experience with some of the UK’s most iconic cultural landmarks. These relationships have enabled us to cultivate a flexible and versatile work system which meets seasonal change and its immediate effects on footfall.

We’ll look after you, your building, and it’s content. We’re privileged to have experience in contract cleaning for graded and listed buildings, as well as world renowned galleries and museums. This has provided us with a working knowledge of these areas, as well as how to work efficiently in a public facing environment and in the presence of treasured history, art and artefacts.

We have also branched out into the leisure industry, taking on contracts with notable brands across the UK.  We understand the importance of trust when dealing with such contracts in public facing sectors.  In such areas, where children or vulnerable adults may be in attendance, we ensure that all KGB staff have the appropriate level of security clearance.

KGB will endeavour to work alongside you to ensure the best possible visitor experience for your guests, whatever the attraction.

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